About Gainia

Founded in 2003 by a team of IP professionals, Gainia aims to provide IP integrative services to industries as well as research institutes, domestic and foreign alike. Gainia assists the domestic clients in obtaining the best patent protection for their innovation in Taiwan and in other countries; while for foreign clients, Gainia helps them obtain patent protection in Taiwan and China.


Never before, the patent issues have arisen in so complicated and sophisticated ways. The clients’ needs for patent services therefore require high profession and dedicated services to fulfill. Gainia maintains the team, consisting of experienced attorneys and engineers, vigorously working for the clients from domestic as well as foreign in solving the patent issues that may well be connected, such as patent search, litigation, infringement identification, and negotiation.


Judging the superior quality of service and combined capabilities of profession, Gainia has been issued the certificate of “Qualified IP Servicing Institute” by Taiwan Ministry of Economics. For the past three years in a roll, Gainia has kept the honor and more importantly maintained the high standard of profession.


Integrity and service of merits are what Gainia believes themselves and delivers to the clients. There are not small cases. Gainia treats every case as important as it should be and executes it with the full effort to the client’s best interest. Gainia’s clients are Gainia’s partners. And that is Gainia’s mission!